Reasons to love Pregnancy

Hi Girls,

As any woman who has ever had a baby will know, pregnancy is not always plain sailing.  Some women are lucky and sail through pregnancy without a hint of morning sickness and without a stretch mark in sight.  But most women will endure some sort of side effects which, combined with our insane and out of control hormones, can make some days particularly tough.   So I thought this was a good opportunity to remind you all the beautiful reasons to be glad to be pregnant.

Embracing your new figure

There is so much stigma and various opinions on women’s figures during pregnancy.  I’ve had it all; been told I’m massive for my stage in pregnancy, been told I should wear baggier clothes, warned that it’ll be hard to lose the weight etc.  I think a lot of the older generations feel that there is no need to flaunt a pregnant belly, and although I would never do a Rachel from Friends and have my whole bump hanging out, I absolutely wouldn’t hide my bump.  I think a woman’s body is incredible for the changes it goes through and we should embrace the curves pregnancy brings  Of course a healthy diet in pregnancy is essential but don’t let people have a moan at you when you need that Mars bar  – you’re growing a human whilst throwing up, feeling exhausted, peeing every 5 minutes, and having horrendous heartburn.   You’ve earned that mars bar!!!


You’re now a family

This is one of the aspects I love the most about being pregnant.  You go from being a partnership to being a family!  I find it such a beautiful aspect.  Family is such a massive part of my life and it’s exciting to make parents grandparents and involve your families in the process.  But I also love the new chapter side of it – I think each woman has an idea of what kind of mother they’d like to be and put into practise things they’ve always wanted to do as a mother and starting their own family traditions.  It makes me incredibly grateful to be pregnant.

Your Bump 

I am obsessed with my bump!! I love it.  I was lucky that mine popped out very early on and I’ve taken pictures of my bump every week.  I love that you can physically see your child growing before your eyes.  I am also very into the whole bonding thing and have rubbed oils and lotions into my bump every night since very early on, obviously for the benefit of preventing stretch marks.  But as it’s got bigger and I’ve felt him or her moving more and more it’s made me feel even closer to baby.  Speaking of movements…

Flutters and Kicks 

This is probably the absolutely best part of being pregnant.  And it takes a lot of patience (of which some might say I lack) to feel these, but those first movements are the most indescribable feeling.  At first you aren’t sure it’s the baby, personally I just couldn’t really believe my luck, but after just a few weeks the kicks, rolls and mini punches are unmistakable.  It’s quite a hard sensation to describe – initially it is like a mini popcorn machine going off in your belly and as time goes on you feel all sorts of weird sensations with the baby rolling about and making itself comfortable.  I’m now at the stage where I can actually see the baby moving from the outside which is amazing.  A good point to make here is that from 26-28 weeks you should monitor your movements – visit which is a fantastic website and charity helping “mum’s to be” keep any eye on movements and offer advice.

New Clothes

This is such a bonus to pregnancy cause you literally have no choice other than to go shopping!!  I tried to wear my old clothes as long as possible but my bump was on a growing mission from early days.  For quite a while I had one pair of jeans I could still wear but only when undone and putting a hairband through the button loop.  This was quite a good trick!  I tried those bump bands for a while but I actually wasn’t a big fan – I didn’t find my tops and jeans sat nicely with them.  So before long I had no choice but to shop.  Maternity wear can be horribly pricey but thanks to New Look (AMAZING maternity range), Primark and eBay I’ve managed to build quite a good little capsule wardrobe for the rest of my pregnancy – if you’d like to see a piece on maternity capsule wardrobes please let me know in the comments and I will post one for you

Pampering – You’ve got no choice!

One of the most important parts of pregnancy is looking after yourself and one of the best ways to do this is to indulge yourself.  Pampering is the absolute way forward for this in my opinion.  With all the aches and pains you have to put up with this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a pregnancy massage,  or at least get your other half to be rubbing your poor feet.  I don’t know about any one else but I suspect, like me, some women suffer from hormonal ugly days when you feel a bit down in the dumps about the way your body is changing.  A bit of pampering can totally change your mindset and make you feel better – a long hot bath with a face mask takes no effort at all, and it can make you feel like a new woman.  Same goes for going to the hairdressers (note, now is not the time for drastic hair changes – hormones, yes them again, can go a bit mad and make you think this is a great time to chop off all your hair or change your hair colour – don’t!  Wait till after baby is here and you can make a more logical decision)! But just going for a wash and blow dry can really put a spring in your step.  As much as it would be lovely to visit a gorgeous spa and treat yourself to lots of treatments, for most of us, now is not the time to be forking out  fortune on that, hence why it’s a better idea to do something a bit more manageable such as a wash and blow dry or a manicure.  And my final tip is especially towards the end, is get a pedicure!! It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, you’ve got socks on the whole time and you have long since lost the ability to even see your own feet – cute feet are a must have and you get the added bonus of a foot rub at the same time.

It puts things in perspective 

 One thing I’ve noticed in myself since I found out I am pregnant, is that I don’t worry about pointless stuff as much any more.  On a recent holiday we did a lot of walking up and down hills and I was super cautious not to fall cause of the baby and I realised that any worries like that always resolve around my baby – I don’t mind if I hurt myself (well I would mind, I’m allergic to pain) but I constantly thought I wouldn’t want to do anything that would put my baby in any sort of danger.  Again, I am sure some people think I am over-cautious but it goes back to feeling grateful for being in this amazing position and I swear motherly instinct kicks in very early on.  And now I don’t worry about stupid pointless things as that uses energy that I should be putting into growing my beautiful baby.


Its motivated me 

I’ve felt passionate about  so much during this pregnancy and as I love to write it has really spurred me on to start this website. I think so many of us girls go through various worries and its so good to discuss things and support each other.  Through my writing I hope I can offer advice and reassurance to like-minded women

Thanks for reading x

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