What do we do all day…. We try not to lose the plot!!

Today has been shit. Actually laughably shit. One of those days were I actually have to laugh otherwise I’d cry. To be fair some of the escapades of today have been quite funny and I have no doubt tomorrow I will laugh about it. But right now, this evening I am quite frankly pissed off. We … More What do we do all day…. We try not to lose the plot!!

Dear Diary!

Morning Loves! So usually I write with a certain subject matter in mind, but other times I just like to write. Wing it and go with the flow as I tend to with so many things in life! It’s been a really testing week and it has got to me a bit. Half of it … More Dear Diary!

Holiday O Clock

Morning My Lovelies! And Happy Friday (although it may be the most controversial Friday morning this country has ever seen…… not something I’m going to touch on here though). Anyway, I wanted to drop a quick post to say, we are off on our holiday! Our first proper family holiday with Josh and with his … More Holiday O Clock

Happy National Breastfeeding Celebration Week

Hello lovelies, I was really pleased to hear this week is National Breastfeeding  Celebration Week, cause in my opinion it really is something to celebrate. If you’ve not done so already I’d love for you to read my Breastfeeding Story but the reason for this post is my thoughts on the celebration of this subject. Recently I … More Happy National Breastfeeding Celebration Week

Monday Motivation

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend celebrating Fathers Day. It’s a bit hard to write about motivating everyone after all the horrendously sad things that we’ve seen on the news since last weeks Monday Motivation. So I thought I’d keep it pretty simple this week with this message:   I feel like … More Monday Motivation

Stay At Home Mums… Not As Easy As You Think

Hi Everyone, This must be about my third post where I’ve started off by saying “I was reading this article on the stupid Mail Online”… I mean, why am I still reading it! Clearly it is just irritating, controversial and frankly has some shoddy journalism where people can’t spell and insist upon daily irrelevant Kim Kardashian … More Stay At Home Mums… Not As Easy As You Think

The Big Move!

Sunday Hello Everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, despite the random thunderstorms and horrible mugginess; not helpful when you’re trying to get a little baby to sleep. So this weekend is a big one for me… after much putting it off and many excuses, I’ve taken the plunge and decided tonight is … More The Big Move!

The Mummy Tag!

Hi Everyone, I got a tweet the other day from the lovely Becky over at sparklymummy saying I’d been nominated to do a Mummy Tag post. I love doing these so here goes and big thanks to Becky for the tag! 1. Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?  I’m a stay at … More The Mummy Tag!

Monday Motivation – Your Uniqueness Is Your Beauty

Hi Everyone, Time for your dose of Monday motivation, with this post as always being part of the lovely Cuddle Fairys Candid Cuddles I saw this quote and instantly fell in love with it: So often we are negative about the things that make us unique. We shy away from celebrating ourselves, as is the typically … More Monday Motivation – Your Uniqueness Is Your Beauty

Actually I think you’ll find our Mummy Blogs are AWESOME

Evening All, I hadn’t planned on writing tonight .I’d planned on reading Vogue (Kate Mid edition) and eating an entire packet of cookies. But then I made the mistake of reading a blog that is currently doing the rounds on social media, for all the wrong reasons. I’m not linking the blog title, author or … More Actually I think you’ll find our Mummy Blogs are AWESOME

Monday Motivation Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud

Morning Everyone, It’s already Monday again and time for me to spread a bit of sparkle and cheer as part of Candid Cuddles the fabulous linky with the gorgeous Cuddle Fairy Over the last week, I’ve had a real moment of realisation. It all started on Wednesday when I found out I’ll be a regular blogger for Emma’s diary, … More Monday Motivation Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud

Contradicting Advice… cheers for the head wreck “leading experts”!

Don’t give your baby water. But don’t let your baby dehydrate in hot weather. Give boiled water when it’s cooled. But don’t give tap water. Oh but you can give tap water after 6 months. Or one year. Or at all. Don’t expose them to sunlight otherwise they’ll fry to a crisp in a matter … More Contradicting Advice… cheers for the head wreck “leading experts”!

Poo Gate!!

Hi Everyone, It has been the most gorgeous sunny weekend! It’s so lovely living near the seaside when it’s like this! So in the spirit of making the most of the weather, we joined friends yesterday at a lovely local farm park, to celebrate our friends baby’s birthday. I was all excited getting Josh dressed … More Poo Gate!!

Slow Down Mama!

Hi Everyone, What an absolutely glorious day in the sun it has been! It has been exactly what I’ve needed today to be honest. I’ve been a bit of a stressed little pickle the last few days. It’s suddenly dawned on me that I literally haven’t stopped in the last few days…weeks….months. My days are … More Slow Down Mama!

Monday Motivation – C’mon Girls Build Each Other Up

Morning my lovelies, Now you probably don’t need Monday motivation today as it’s a Bank Holiday! I for one plan on having a very lazy day of blogging, cuddles with baby boy who is 5 months old today, and more thank likely, eating ludicrous amounts of chocolate. On to todays Monday Motivation, as ever for … More Monday Motivation – C’mon Girls Build Each Other Up

Girls Night Out

One of the absolute highlights of my week last week was having a night out with the girls. A full 4 hours out of the house with no baby, drinking wine and being able to wear an underwired bra for the first time in months (the hatred I have for my nursing bras is irrational … More Girls Night Out