Girls Night Out

Girls night out

One of the absolute highlights of my week last week was having a night out with the girls. A full 4 hours out of the house with no baby, drinking wine and being able to wear an underwired bra for the first time in months (the hatred I have for my nursing bras is irrational – why can’t they make pretty nursing bras)!

We all need a bit of time off sometimes and I’ve been lucky enough to make a lovely group of friends close to were I live. We all had our babies around the same time, in fact there are just 3 days  between Josh and his little buddy Oliver, and us Mummies get together at least once a week for cake eating and a catch up. I am SO grateful to have made friends who live so close by, it’s been such a lifeline for me. So we all decided we deserved a night out and the babies could have a night in with their Dads whilst we glammed up and went out for tapas and wine!

Getting ready! 

One of my most favourite things about going out has always been getting ready. I love getting the tunes on, having a glass of wine, and getting my glam on!! Make up is a huge love of mine and recently I’ve discovered Make Up Revolution which I absolutely love.

I recently treated myself to the gorgeous Rose Gold blush and highlighter pallet which was an absolute bargain at £6!! I love the sheen it gave my complexion and couldn’t recommend it enough.


My other favourite products are Clarins flash balm, which my friend introduced me to and is an amazing base for make up! It makes your make up sit on really nicely and gives a lovely finish.

I’m still obsessed with Maybellines Falsie Push Up Drama mascara! The stuff is amazing and it makes my lashes look so long so I was happily layering that on.


Then of course there’s the old challenge of “what shall I wear”! For a woman this is a challenge enough as it is. But when you’re post baby, trying to get to grips with how your body has changed, it’s even more of a mission finding something you feel confident but also comfortable in. For me, I was just glad to be wearing something I didn’t have to worry about feeding in, and to be back in my heels! Oh how I love my heels. My entire outfit is from New Look! I absolutely love that shop and my friends tease me that I should have shares in it cause I buy so much from there. But I do try to make my outfits unique;  I don’t like to dress like everyone else. I very much dress for me, so I often accessorise and try to make the outfit my own.

So all dressed up, a glass of pink fizz down, and ready to go!


And off out we went like a bunch of excited school girls let loose for the night. We weren’t out on the lash or to get pissed; we booked into a lovely local tapas restaurant and indulged in some delicious food and of course some wine. We had all wondered how we’d cope with “switching off”. It would be so easy to keep checking the phone incase we’d had a text but we were all pretty determined not to do this. Our night out was for us and to have that time off is so important. I think we all did pretty well in that respect; after about two hours we all quickly had a check of the phones, and with no texts to worry about we could get back to chatting and relaxing.

It felt so good to be out. This may sound horrible and heartless and please don’t judge me, but I didn’t feel like I missed Josh. Obviously he was on my mind, I wanted to know he was OK and settled, but I didn’t pine for him. I was pleased to see him when I got home, but it really did me the world of good to have an adults only night out, to chat without having to stop the baby from rolling under the TV stand or trying to eat my phone!


I can’t recommend giving yourself a night off and out more! Yes it’s not the same as it used to be; there’s no drinking shots of tequila rose, or dancing on the tables. But thank god, because frankly I couldn’t handle the hangover. And I was genuinly happy to see the munchkin once I got home. It’s all about balance, and us Mums deserve that cheeky glass of wine (about all I can handle these days) now and then! So get yourself organising a night out with your yummy mummy club!


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