Monday Motivation – Your Uniqueness Is Your Beauty

Hi Everyone,

Time for your dose of Monday motivation, with this post as always being part of the lovely Cuddle Fairys Candid Cuddles

I saw this quote and instantly fell in love with it:

no one is you

So often we are negative about the things that make us unique. We shy away from celebrating ourselves, as is the typically British thing; we don’t like to bring attention to ourselves or come across as big headed.

But every single one of us is unique and the people that love us do so for these very reasons. Those unique things are what makes you YOU! And they make you different from everyone else. And when you think about it that is such a brilliant thing.


Of course in life you may not always be everyone’s cup of tea. You’re never going to get on with everyone. But don’t let any negativity diminish the things that make you who you are no matter how big or small they may be.

My friend sent me this and I loved it – it’s so true

I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves sometimes; the funny things that make us who we are. I’m a worry wart; I worry about everyone I love and although it can drive people close to me nuts, they also love me for it cause they accept that’s my nature and it’s because I care. I am also incredibly dopey at times and have come out with some classic “Fiona’isms”, again a small part of me but a part that makes those close to me laugh (with me, not at me…. I think!!).


There will never be another you. You are the only one of you!!! So make the most of it, celebrate your uniqueness.


Have a great week my lovelies, and in the spirit of positivity here is my little plug begging for a vote in the MAD Blog Awards in the category of Best Baby Blog – voting closes on 26 May and you can vote here


Cuddle Fairy

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Your Uniqueness Is Your Beauty

  1. Wonderfully uplifting post Fi. Sometimes when I look in my inbox for new posts of the day, I see the title and think “that’s lovely” and it’s always your posts! You are so right, it’s easy to forget our beauty and forget to celebrate what makes you you! I’m often shocked that when I tell friends that I don’t like this or that about myself it’s the one thing they think is fab! Xxx #triballove

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  2. I absolutely love your quotes! They are all so true. I havn’t heard the mug one before… it’s certainly one to keep for a rainy day 🙂 Thank you for linking up to #Candidcuddles

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