Baby Boy is 4 Months

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Hi Everyone

Wow! How the hell did that happen. I can’t believe that Josh is now four months old. In fact he’s 18 weeks and 3 days! Madness. I’ve been told that this is the magic time to treasure because he’s getting his own little personality and full of smiles and giggles, but is also still fairly immobile and not crawling about just yet! We’ve had a lovely few weeks as spring has started. And as you can see Josh is finding it exhausting being so cute….

We’ve had a busy couple of weekends at the family farm. We had open days for lambing over Easter where members of the public could come and see how the farm works and cuddle some of the new born lambs. The farm is my parents in laws and we had a really successful couple of weekends and lots of positive feedback. I feel so blessed that Josh will get to spend so much of his childhood at the farm. When I saw so many kids beyond excited because they were seeing the lambs, calves, pigs and baby chicks, it made me think how lucky Josh is because that will all be part of his childhood. He even made the local paper which was a proud moment and I had to buy extra copies to send to my family!


As you regular readers will have already read, with Josh getting to four months I have been dreading the arrival of the four month sleep regression. Things  had been quite settled but then out of nowhere my usually placid and well sleeping baby turned into a nocturnal demon! He was waking every two hours which was horrible and I just thought, this is it, back to being exhausted all the time. We had this for about a week, and I had moved him into his cot, albeit still our room. I have always been quite strong about letting Josh self settle from a very young age so I decided I just needed to be stronger about this during this phase (it’s always just a phase right). So one night when I heard him whinging whilst half asleep I just ignored him. Mean Mummy I hear you cry, but he wasn’t crying tears which is when I would tend to him. And sure enough he got himself back to sleep, and has been brilliant the last few nights. In fact last night we had our first night of waking for just one feed which was wonderful! I’m keeping everything crossed it will continue, but as I’ve quickly learnt, these babies change their habits and routines at the drop of a hat. But as Josh has been so good I did take him shopping and treated him to some new clothes, as well as treating myself to the best wine glass in the world!

We had a lovely family day out this week too. My husband will be going on to shift pattern work for the next 6-8 weeks and we sadly won’t see a great deal of him, so I made him take a day off before it all started so we could spend some proper time together, just the three of us. There is a beautiful lake near where we live that we went for a long walk around, with Josh in his sling which he absolutely loved. He likes being able to see everything and was squealing in delight even as we just walked round. It was lovely to see Sam looking proud as punch too carrying him. After that we hit the shops again, although I was surprisingly restrained, before going out for a lovely lunch! We had such a lovely day and it’s those sorts of days I dreamed about so much when I was pregnant and looked forward to so much It’s lovely to now be actually doing all those things.

So that’s our little update and I can honestly say, despite a few difficult and sleepless nights, I am loving this four month mark! I do wonder what Josh will have progressed to when I do his next update. He keeps trying to roll over, he looks like he might be teething imminently and I am hoping his cooing may develop to more distinct sounds. It’s so exciting never knowing what is coming next.

Hope you enjoyed this update, and I do hope you are all enjoying my 30 day blogging challenge. Blogging every day is tricky with a little one, but I’m really enjoying it. I love answering all the random questions and giving you all a chance to know a little bit more about me.

Until next time chicks x


38 thoughts on “Baby Boy is 4 Months

  1. What a lovely update with really special memories to treasure. Growing up with a farm is so fab! I hope the next few weeks are ok with the shift work starting…that can be hard but well done for getting some time in beforehand. What a cutie! #KCACOLS

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  2. Awww seems like its all going really well. That age is tricky with the sleep as they start the realise you leave them and they want the control…well done on the self soothing (whatever its called these bloody days!) I wish i had started this sooner, its hard when they teeth or are poorly but great work 🙂 thanks for sharing, and the rolling sounds like it starting! when hes on his back, press hi feet together and rock him side to side, it helps the hips and they can feel what its like! and helps any wind or blockages! #KCACOLS

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  3. Aw, bless, what a cutie – I love that photo of him asleep in the jumperoo! I bet he’ll have so much fun growing up on the farm, with all the animals! 😀

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x

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  4. Ohh he is soooo cute! My baby girl is nearly 9 weeks old and I am glad that she too is able to grow up around farm animals as my parents have a small holding. Its so much fun as a kid to grow up chasing chickens around and picking up fresh eggs everyday (thats what i used to do as a kid!) xx

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  5. Aww – how cute! Sounds like he’s doing really well! Love the picture of him conked out on the activity centre!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.


  6. Oh my goodness Josh is Soooooooooo cute. Especially in the picture where he has fallen asleep. Cuteness overload! Well done on making it into the local paper and I also love the wine glass! 🙂 x #thebabyformula


  7. He looks so adorable! I love that age when they’re starting to interact with you and have not started going into mischief yet, lol. A family day out is always nice especially when one is busy at work, I always look forward to one myself after a few days of working. Lovely post! #TheBabyFormula

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  8. My daughter is three and a half months and I’m waiting for the sleep regression. Definitely a big fan of the self settle (within reason obviously) – fingers crossed we both get through this phase with our sanity in one piece! #KCACOLS

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  9. Aaaaaw, what a lovely update!! There is so much pride here, my heart has been well and truly warmed!! It is lovely when you finally start doing the things you always imagined yourself doing with your little one, and seeing their delighted reactions to everything that is so new to them!! That’s lovely that Josh will grow up around your family’s farm-that will provide some fab memories for him. I’m glad he got past his little sleep regression…! Although on the night he only woke once, did you wake several times to check on him?!! It sucks a lot that your husband is doing a patch of shift work-my husband does this a lot in the winter, and I find it soooo hard!!
    Great to hear more of your adventures with Josh, I’m sure he’ll be rolling for the next update!!


  10. aahh such a nice catch up post, what cute pictures!:) Must say I love the wine glass, how appropriate that would be in my house;)

    mainy –

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  11. A friend of mine moved from the UK to NZ a few years ago. When I see the pics of his kids and him tending to the animals on their farm, it really makes me admire and to some extent envy ‘their back to basics’ lifestyle. It’s a wonderful thing to see in this materialistic, no idea where the food came from, sanitised society we live in. Good luck on the sleep front. My days of that are long gone with an 11, 9 and 6yo and one day yours will be too! But I’ve left the most important comment for last…
    Thanks for joining #passthesauce

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  12. Gorgeous photos Fi! Josh really looks so happy and such a cutie! I’m glad you were strong and Josh is good at self settling, it’s a really great skill for them to gain. We found h was good at it too (and we’ve since digressed from it, but that was a silly mistake when we moved house).

    You are so lucky with the farm – it will be a lovely way to grow up x
    Thanks for sharing on #thebabyformula

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