Monday Motivation

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend celebrating Fathers Day.

It’s a bit hard to write about motivating everyone after all the horrendously sad things that we’ve seen on the news since last weeks Monday Motivation. So I thought I’d keep it pretty simple this week with this message:


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I feel like last week was just full of desperately sad news; so much hatred, people intentionally going out of their way to hurt innocent people, people who were going about their business, doing no harm, just living their lives just like you and I will today. And to think their lives were taken without a moments notice, in such a hate filled rage, it just makes my heart ache.

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There is so much hate in the world at the moment, violence and terrorism. But on the other side of the coin you do see people pull together in these moments of horror. We always say we refuse to have our lives dictated by terrorists, and from what I’ve read about Jo Cox, she would have had the same attitude. She was someone who was amazingly positive in the work she did, even before she became an MP. She did a lot of aid work and clearly had a giving, kind and enthusiastic attitude and zest for life.

So in her honour, and in honour of the 49 fun loving people who’s lives were torn away from them last week thanks to a disgusting, senseless mass shooting, and in honour of anyone who has had their lives needlessly taken from them, make this week the week you do something good for someone else. Make a difference to someones day. Whether it’s big or small, it will make a difference. And if we all pull together we will be a stronger, more positive world in a time that is just full of terror and destruction.

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Spread a little happiness. That mother you see at the supermarket who’s dealing with a screaming child and trying not to look mortified, give her a reassuring smile; let her know she’s not the only one. That old man who is struggling across the road with his bags from Tesco, offer a hand to him. That friend of yours who has just had a baby and is overwhelmed and has the sudden realisation she can’t just hop in the shower when she wants; pop round and offer to watch the baby for an hour so she can have a non rushed long hot shower complete with a cuppa when she gets out. The new girl at the office who is intimidated; email her and set up a coffee lunch so she can get to make friends. Your other half when they get in from work; take a night off from the “my day was worse than yours” competition, and make dinner for them. Your Mother when giving you unasked for advice; smile and accept it rather than rolling your eyes and telling her to butt out.

Be kind. Be patient. Make a difference. Look after each other.

All the Love


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Cuddle Fairy

14 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. What a lovely post to read to start the week! So true, we can be each others’ positive motivators with our good spirit in spite of all the evil things that’s going on all over the world. #candidcuddles

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  2. I agree this post & quotes are spot on & just what we need to be thinking about – love, not hate. Making the world a better place & having people come together not be torn apart. It’s tough when faced with these awful, unimaginable acts of violence. Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles x

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  3. So very true. This last week makes you appreciate what we have in life and to try and get out there and spread a little love even if it is helping out that mother in the supermarket. #dreamteam


  4. What a beautiful post following such tragedy as we’ve seen this week. I adore the image of planting hearts. So meaningful and never has it been more appropriate. Very well written as always lovely xx


  5. For sure, the best way to deal with hatred is with love. That was the approach I tried to take with a two hour tantrum this evening too…
    I wish you could bottle your positivity Fi and give everyone a little piece xxx
    Thank you for linking up to #coolmumclub

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  6. I can practically feel your positive vibes leaping off the page, exactly the type of post I wanted to read this week. You are right, there has been so many awful things in the news. Let’s do what we can by staying positive and making a difference where we can. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam. Also popping over from #candidcuddles xx

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