And the vlogging begins!

Hi Everyone,

Super quick post but one I wanted to share because this morning I’ve braved it and filmed a vlog! It’s a quick one, it’s only filmed on an iPad and it’s an absolute gamble and tester but I am really hoping you guys like it!

I was so nervous doing this video and it made me think I can’t wait to get a proper camera to do these on and really get going with them. I can’t wait to hear what you all think and pray you all enjoy it!

So here goes:

My first Vlog

Lots of Love xx


7 thoughts on “And the vlogging begins!

  1. This is brilliant for your first vlog! Much better than mine was ha ha! I decided that going to the beach was the best time to do our first one and did nothing but babble/ you can’t hear half of it for the wind! #fail #BloggerClubUK


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