30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 17

Morning Loves,

One step closer to Friday; hooray! And already on to day 17 of my 30 day blogging challenge. Todays question is:

What has been your best vacation memory?

There are so many; we’ve been to some beautiful places, and on wonderful holidays with friends! It makes me think how very lucky I am to have visited some wonderful places.

But I think my most entertaining answer would be from my honeymoon; we had so many laughs on our road trip from Vegas, down the coast of California ending in San Diego! But one memory that sticks out is a funny story that Sam loves to tell. So we started off in Vegas and Sam had decided he wanted to have a go on the roulette. He had never gambled properly before so being the sensible chap he is, he set aside a certain amount of money to play and that would be it.  The way it works in Vegas is the person gambling sits up at the table, and whoever is with them, obviously me in this instance, sits behind and watches. Now one of the most fabulous things about Vegas is if you’re gambling, you’re given complimentary drinks. I had no idea of this, so as Sam sat down a waitress came straight over and asked what he wanted and he ordered a beer. She then asked me what I wanted and I said I wasn’t gambling but she said because I was with him I was also entitled to a drink. Wonderful I thought. Not knowing how this all worked I asked her what I could have. The waitress was losing patience a bit by now, she was obviously used to people who knew what they were doing in the casino, and she said I could have anything. “Anything?” I repeated in shock. By now she was literally exasperated “yes, ANYTHING” was her reply. Well to me, this was an absolute no brainer “champagne then please”!!! Beside me Sam was cracking up having listened to this exchange.

Little did I know, this gambling malarkey would be going on for a while….. two and a half hours and A LOT of free champagne later, Sam had won a decent amount (enough to upgrade the hire car to a Mustang) and finished up. I however, was, quite simply put, hammered! Two and a half hours of bubbles will do that to you! And it was mid afternoon! Sam found the whole thing hilarious and luckily, after a lie down, I was fine and ready for our sunset helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon that evening!!!

Of course we’ve had lots of romantic memories, but I thought this story was the most entertaining and would make you laugh on this rather rainy Thursday morning.

Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back tomorrow, of course, with the next challenge:

Bullet your whole day

It will be a late post tomorrow given the subject, so look out for it in the evening.

Have a good day lovelies





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