Monday Motivation – Be Kind

Morning you lovely lot!

And Happy Monday! Yes there is such a thing, especially when you wake up to this gorgeous sunshine. Mondays are a lot easier in the summer.

This weeks quote speaks for itself:


We all judge, lets face it. But now that I am a Mum I can admit I’ve become far less judgemental than I used to be.  Because as a Mum I feel we get judged more than ever on everything we do – “you shouldn’t be feeding him that”, “you shouldn’t still be breastfeeding at this age”, “why isn’t he sleeping through, I wouldn’t stand for that”, “why did you buy that buggy”, “why did you dress him in that”. It goes on and on. And most of the time it’s very annoying. But when you have those days where you are a bit more sensitive, you’re tired and the last thing you need is some random stranger passing judgement making a comment about you buying Ella’s Kitchen in the supermarket, these snap judgements can push you to tears. I bet most of us Mum’s have had days where we’ve tried to shrug off someones opinions but gone home and had a cry. We don’t need that shit! Not on top of everything else we are challenged with. These babies bring us joy, no doubt about it. But they’re also bloody hard work and we are all doing our best.

That’s why when we have a kind comment a “you’re doing a great job” it means the world. I actually had my father in law say this to me the other day. He’s a proper mans man, a man of few words at times and not an emotional guy, but what he said meant so much. And it wasn’t prompted, I wasn’t having a particularly bad day, he just came out with it! And it meant so much, more than he’ll probably ever realise.

See a few kind words can really change a persons day without you even realising. Us Brits can be so reserved at times but we shouldn’t always be like that. Offer a hand if you see someone struggling, drop by a friends when they’re in need of a hug and cake, compliment that girls outfit rather than feel envious about her figure, thank your other half for things they’ve done to hep you even if it is only the smallest of things. Taking a moment to be kind is something that can go a longer way than you even realise.

So use this week to be kind. I am a big believer in karma; you get back what you put out there. And what a lovely world it is when kindness is thrown around like confetti!

throw kindness

Have a good week everyone


16 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Be Kind

  1. Yes I’m all in for sharing a bit of kindness and encouragement. I had a real revelation a few months ago about how quietly judgmental I can be (I never day anything but sometimes I think it) so I have really been striving to be kinder and more forgiving. #MarvMondays

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  2. Yes, agree. Lovely post. Why do we keep all the lovely thoughts we have about others in our heads sometimes as well? If you think something nice, say something nice…Say it out loud. Because one day they may not be around and you’ll wish you verbalised how much they mean to you and what you think of them. #Dreamteam

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  3. A few years ago (even before I had my daughter) I made the decision to stop being so judgemental and to be nicer to and about people. I didn’t realise how much happier just being more positive would make me. I hope I can pass that on to my daughter. #DreamTeam

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  4. Throw kindness around like confetti is one of my favourite quotes! I love it. I think I am a bit like you in that once I became a mum, I also became a lot less judgey. Possibly a natural thing to do, but when you are on the receiving end it can feel like a lot of pressure against you. A little kindness goes a long way. Thank you so much for linking up to the #DreamTeam. Looking forward to your next Monday motivation post 🙂 xx

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