30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 7

dream believe

Morning All,

Happy Monday! Another week and I’m praying for one where I can get a little bit more sleep.

So we’re into Day 7 of my 30 Day blogging challenge and todays challenge is:

Plans/dreams/goals you have

This is such a broad one cause everyone has goals and dreams that drive them.

My main goal in life has always been to be a Mum! It’s something I’ve always wanted and so far, despite being a bit (OK, seriously) tired, it’s everything I could have dreamed of. But now that I am a Mum my goal is to be a Good Mum! I love Josh so much and I will make sure he knows every day how loved he is and how much I’d do anything for him! He is my world and I look forward to one day giving him a sibling. To have my own happy little family is everything to me.

My other main dream at the moment is to grow my blog. I’m coming up to my one year anniversary of blogging, and I bloody love it. One of my favourite times of day is when we get up in the morning but Josh then dozes, so I get to blog. I love it and it gives me a chance to get down on paper, well screen, all the things on  my mind, especially from those long nights when you’re awake for hours! I have always loved writing and I find it so therapeutic. So growing my blog is a huge goal of mine. The next logical step for me will be going self hosted. I’ve done a bit of research into this and it looks like a bit of a minefield so if anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate it!  I’d also love to do some sponsored posts and hopefully by growing my blog that’s something I can achieve

The one thing I do really want my blog to continue to do is make people smile. I love reading comments especially if they say a post of mine has cheered them up, or even more amazing, that it might have helped them in a way. It spurs me on hugely and makes me even more passionate about writing.

So those are my two main goals; mummyhood and bloggerhood!


But of course like all girls I have a dream wishlist…..

  • A gorgeous jumpsuit I spied in New Look this week
  • A cottage in the country!
  • A puppy
  • A full nights sleep
  • One of those really fancy kettles that you can set the temperature of water too!!
  • A Mulberry bag – the ULTIMATE Goal! One day I WILL own one!!

Thanks for reading. Tomorrows challenge is:

Nicknames you have; why do you have them

I’ve got some good ones so I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a giggle at my expense 🙂



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