30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 4

Hi Everyone,

So todays challenge is:

A picture of somewhere you’ve been

This one was an easy one for me.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places and countries but nothing can really top The Maldives:

We had decided to go here in 2014; we’d been plotting a holiday for a while and at first tried to be sensible with our choice of destination, then we got a bit extravagant and thought we’d go to Thailand, but then one day hubby came home from work and literally just said “f**k it, lets go to the Maldives”! As you can imagine, I had him booking it quicker than humanly possible so he didn’t get time to change his mind!!

We booked it in February and went in May and it was absolute bliss. I genuinely felt so lucky to be seeing such a beautiful part of the world! It was really idyllic; the sea was clear, the sand was white and the cocktail bar was on the beach! We spent our days snorkelling seeing so many beautiful fish and turtles and we made friends with another couple, Freya and Sam, who we spent our evenings having a drink with!

We had 10 days on our tiny island – it was only a couple of miles wide and every morning I walked around it whilst Sam went for his early morning dive (I was too scared to join him). I would find it almost crazy to think I was there in this beautiful place, it felt miles away from everything and was such a wonderful place to reflect and have time to think.

By the time 10 days had passed we were ready to leave because you almost felt like you needed a bit of civilisation. As blissful as it was we were ready to know what was actually happening in the world! We went to Dubai on the way home which was brilliant and certainly brought us back to reality!

I am so glad we went on this holiday; we decided life is too short and we wanted to go on one more extravagant holiday before babies made an appearance! It did us the world of good and I am so grateful I got to visit such an amazing place.

So that’s todays challenge. Tomorrows is:

Favourite superhero and why

God knows what I’m going to write…… 🙂

Thanks for reading xx


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