What Made Us Happy This Week

Morning Everyone,

Another week done! I can’t believe that tomorrow it’s August, and in two days Josh will be 8 months old!! It’s absolutely crazy to think how quick this year has gone.

We’ve had another lovely, and very busy week and as always this weeks round up is part of Katy and Sians Happy Days Linky

An obvious one to start with but this week this little chubby cheeky monkey has been making me smile! Tooth number two is breaking through so we’ve had a few miserable episodes and some sleepless nights (standard) but he’s also been a little sweetie this week. I love this age, his little personality is really starting to shine through and he’s full of smiles and charm especially when he sees our friends. It’s lovely when people say how happy he always seems. I keep trying to encourage him to say “mumma” but no joy yet. Look out for his 8 month update which I’ll be writing later this week.


Flowers are a huge pleasure of mine. I love them and am forever buying them. But recently I’ve discovered the most amazing wild flower stall right near where I live. I am guessing someone just grows them in their garden and then sells bunches – for 40p!!! They are so beautiful and it seems to be a great reason for a drive when I need monkey to go for a snooze we just so happen to drive past this house and stock up!



More flowers and some serious brownie points for the husband this week. He came home mid week with these amazing sunflowers for me, which was treat enough as they are just gorgeous. However, when he got home he asked what we had planned for next Friday afternoon. I assumed he’d made plans to go off and do something fun with his buddies and was a bit short when I said “nothing, why”. His lovely reply was “good, because you need to be at Rosies Beauticians (my favourite beauticians) at 2.30 as I’ve booked you in for a back massage and to have your eyebrows done”!! He’s even booked the afternoon off work so I can go and enjoy my treatments and not rush. What an absolute diamond.


This week me and the girls went out for a lovely meal and drinks! It was so lovely to be out, baby free. Whenever we normally meet we’ve got the munchkins in tow so it’s sometimes tricky to relax and chat properly, so it was lovely to just chat and not have to have half a mind, and an eye, on the babies! It was also lovely to get dressed up – what a treat to wear a proper bra for a couple of hours and not have to worry if I could nurse in what I was wearing!!!

On Saturday Hubby and the lads went off for their annual canoeing day out! We are so lucky to live so close to the Norfolk Broads and the boys have fun on their canoeing adventure every year.  As you can see Josh is being primed to join in just as soon as he’s big enough!! We made the most of our day though and spent a lovely day with Josh’s Godmother and her daughter, as well as dropping in to see Granny for a quick visit and ending the day by meeting the men for dinner at one of the lovely pubs on the broads. It’s such a gorgeous part of the world and I feel so blessed to live somewhere so beautiful and peaceful. No wonder I go for so many walks!


And one last shout out for our happy week to our lovely friend Kat; we went for coffee and a play date at her lovely (and ridiculously tidy – I don’t know how she does it) house this week and she treated us all not only to cake but to the most amazing homemade shortbread I’ve ever had. I’m literally obsessed! So thank you Kat- feel free to make these again any time!!!


So all in all, a lovely week, and we’ve still got Sunday to enjoy! It’s my day to drive the new car which I can’t wait for, and Josh has woken hideously early so I am going to make the most of this beautiful sunny morning and take him for yet another walk!

Hope everyone has a great week ❤

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6 thoughts on “What Made Us Happy This Week

  1. What a lovely week you’ve had! I love sunflowers – they’re just such a happy flower. And serious brownie points to your hubby – how lovely is that? Josh is such a cutie – I love a smiley baby so much! I hope he says Mama for you soon – mine kept me waiting ages and ages for that one, but it was amazing when it came! #happydays

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