30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 26

Morning Everyone,

Happy weekend! I’ve been looking forward to todays challenge:

What is your favourite quote

In keeping with my rule breaking of never being able to pick just one thing (just like when I go into Zara), I have to say there are loads of quotes I love. But the one that really means a lot to me, especially after my happy news this week, is this:


I love the quote because it’s so true. If you have enough belief in yourself, you can achieve anything you want. You are the one with the power to make your dreams come true. I believed in myself when I picked myself up a few years ago, and I believed in myself when I fell pregnant and knew I would be a good mummy, and I believed in myself and my writing when I started my blog.  I knew if I wrote from the heart, people would relate to me and enjoy what I say.

It takes a lot to believe in yourself and have faith in yourself, but you have to do it because you need to have faith in you before anybody else can. Believe in who you are and don’t change yourself for anyone. Which leads me to another chosen quote of mine that I love:


Your sparkle is what makes you you. It’s what makes you unique and special. Don’t change that about yourself, no matter what anyone says. And I think that applies to who you surround yourself with too; don’t let yourself be brought down by others around who might be a negative influence. You know in your heart who is a positive influence and impact on you. Keep those people around you; they love you and your sparkle.

I hope you enjoyed this positive post. I’ll be back tomorrow with the next challenge:

List all the places that you have lived

Have a great Saturday x



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