The Joys of Going Overdue – What NOT To Say To The Mumma To Be!

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Hi Everyone!

I am officially in countdown mode!! Baby is due in two days and I cannot wait to meet him or her, as I’ve no doubt you’ll have all picked up from my recent posts.

The last couple of weeks of pregnancy are an incredibly testing time. Not just because you’re “patiently” (who am I kidding) but because so is everyone else! I now officially answer the phone with “Hello, I’m not in labour”. Poor Mum – we speak every day so she’s become accustomed to this; I can’t imagine her excitement when I say I AM in labour. As I’ve said before, peoples comments and clichés are always well meaning and never mean any harm. But as our bump gets bigger, our patience grows smaller. Here’s a few hints about what NOT to say to someone imminently about to give birth or to an overdue mumma to be!

Any News Yet?

This one cracks me up a bit; clearly there is no news yet! No I haven’t secretly had the baby and forgotten to tell you! Good Lord, my Mother would kill me!!

Oh My God You Are Huge 

I know. I am aware. I’m aware when it’s like some kind of human three point turn trying to roll over in bed. I’m aware when its an epic mission trying to get out of the bath. And I’m aware when I’m demolishing ANOTHER Terry’s Chocolate Orange! Being this uncomfortable is pretty tough without feeling like I am being compared to a whale (even though I do look a bit like one)!

The Baby Will Come When It’ Ready 

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am aware that I have no control over when baby comes and that he or she will be deciding when it wants to make an appearance. This is such a valid point for people to make so I don’t know why I find it so annoying but it drives me nuts, mostly because it’s an additional reminder I may have another 14 days to wait!! Patience is not my strong point.

Sleep While You Can 

Talk about making the babies arrival sound like I’ll NEVER sleep again!  I know I won’t get much sleep when he or she is here. And I know it may be a very long while before I will get some proper sleep. But trying to tell someone to get lots of sleep when that is near on impossible at the end of pregnancy due to peeing 88 times a night, laying awake with thoughts of impending motherhood and how you’ll cope running through your head, and not being able to find a single comfortable way to sleep is a bit like rubbing salt into the wound.

He or She Better Not Arrive Until.. 

OK I’ll have a word with baby and tell it to hang on in there for another three days… not ideal!

I Bet You Can’t Wait To Be Rid Of The Pregnancy Hormones 

Yep you’re right I can’t wait. But having that pointed out makes me think I must come across as a right hormonal cow adding to my paranoia of not only being an elephant but being a bitch. Sadface! I don’t mean to be hormonal but who can blame me.

over due

Phew. Sometimes you need to vent these things!  I feel borderline guilty about this post as it can come across very negative; but only if you’ve never been pregnant. If you have been pregnant and remember last week or two I’ve no doubt you’ll understand. It’s a testing time and all you want is to meet your little bundle, but you’ve also got a million things going through your mind; labour, birth, breastfeeding, impending sleep deprivation, wondering if every little twinge is labour, and how much longer you’ll have to wait. So be patient with us grumpy heavily pregnant women; we don’t mean it and the excitement that engulfs us certainly outweighs the grumpiness!!

Have any of you had any crazy moods towards the end of pregnancy or had to keep your cool when you’ve had these comments thrown your way?


PS. I am smiling as I’ve typed this; I just wanted to reassure you all I’m not a crazy hormonal cow bag 🙂 x

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13 thoughts on “The Joys of Going Overdue – What NOT To Say To The Mumma To Be!

      1. Aw yey!! Congratulations lovely! No need to read at all then. Was just hoping it might help you feel like you’re not on your own, but now you definitely aren’t as you have your little new person! So excited for you. Hope you are both ok and recovering well. Fabulous news. Congratulations again and I’ll look forward to reading lots more about your little man soon xxx


  1. I was induced at 38 weeks. I had people start asking questions at 37 weeks or so, asking if she was here yet. Of course not! Even when I was in the hospital, my partner’s friend kept asking on Facebook if baby was here yet. I got so annoyed. We told people we’d let them know once something happens, yet they still pestered us with questions. #DreamTeam


  2. I LOVE your ps! You have every right to get irritated by people in these last few days, but I love the way that you also acknowledge that they may be well meant comments and comments when people just feel so desperate for you, they can’t think of anything else to say! I am willing the baby out…have you had it yet….? (I’m ducking the crockery flying my way!) Alison x #DreamTeam


  3. Aww this is fab to read one of your older posts – it really was the pits waiting for the baby to come and wondering “is this it?! how do you know….” In the end, I knew alright!! I also found the sleep advice a bit frustrating…I found it quite un-relaxing being told how little sleep I was going to be getting soon haha. Fab post lovely and thank you for linking to the #dreamteam xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haaaa this is so funny! Why are people so rude to a pregnant an? Don’t tend know that they are talking there life into there own hands?! I was lucky that i didn’t go over but I can’t imagine you handle not kicking people or creaming I there faces all the time! Well done you! #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Glad your little one finally arrived safely – although I’d be a bit worried if he was still in there since December 😂😂 Josh is a great name by the way!! I guess it’s time for the constant questions of ‘Are you having another one?’ now 😨😨 #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

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