Monday Motivation – Don’t forget, YOU ROCK

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a Monday motivation post thanks to a much needed holiday. So I’m glad to be back with some words of encouragement especially aimed at us tired Mummies for the week ahead.

This weekend…. well actually this last week, has been tough. And I was really feeling it. But then my lovely friend sent me this and reminded me that sometimes I should practise what I preach:


It’s been a rough few days; Josh has a tooth cutting through which is undoubtedly the reason why my usually happy and laid back baby has turned into a demonic non sleeping, fussy eating pain in the bum!! But Saturday was a really tough day. I was on my own for the day and Josh pretty much whinged and cried all day. It was one of those days I couldn’t get him to nap and he was fussing over everything I fed him. The night before he’d woke up like clock work every three hours and having had this happen for a few nights, all I could think was WHY!!!

Before we went on holiday Josh had started to sleep much longer periods, waking just once and usually pretty late in the night; 4am-ish. And we were doing well with weaning, he was enjoying it. I knew holiday might throw him a bit, which of course it did combined with the beginnings of that tooth coming through. But I’d hoped when we got home things would settle back to normal. But no, if anything they got worse! So by Saturday I’d had enough; why wouldn’t he sleep longer periods like my friends babies. Was I shooting myself in the foot by breastfeeding cause it meant I was still getting up in the night. Should I try formula at the dream feed. Or would that make me a total hypocrite (especially as I want to become a breastfeeding adviser). Why was everyone elses baby sleeping so well.

Then when he wouldn’t eat dinner and had a meltdown I could feel myself slowly losing the plot. I knew I had to just get us both out the house and go for a walk. Again all I could think was “why”. Why was he being so fussy. I felt guilty using Ella’s Kitchen on holiday so I got home and went back to cooking everything yet he wouldn’t eat what I’d lovingly made. But of course he’d demolish a tasty EK pouch! WTF was I doing wrong, when all my friends babies are sleeping angels, making baby led weaning look like a piece of piss whilst I had a meltdown over some pureed pear! As I went on that walk I had one of those moments I think all us Mums feel at times. I felt like I was failing.

Fortunately after a little cry, and once Josh had managed to get some sleep, I could put things in perspective. First of all, I am the first to say “don’t compare yourself to others”. I say that to you guys all the time. And the reason being, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. People can paint a very pretty picture with happy Facebook photos; I probably do it myself (you lovely people just happen to know when I’m having a meltdown because I’m lucky enough to have you read my posts! Love you guys). But that friend whose baby is sleeping through, well that may not be the case. Perhaps their version of sleeping through is different to yours. Or maybe their baby is actually very fussy even if they have embraced baby led weaning like a pro. And almost certainly, all your Mummy friends will have had a day like I did Saturday, where you doubt yourself, cry, wonder what the bloody hell you’re meant to do to get the kid to eat, sleep, and generally do what they should to prevent you from losing your shit.

When my lovely friend sent me this quote (bless her she is a diamond and a very close Mummy friend that I’m super grateful to have) it was the kick up the arse I needed. Yes, Josh is being a pain in the arse at the moment. But looking at things from his point of view, of course he’s being a pain; the poor little soul has a tooth cutting through which will be horrendously painful, whilst it’s bloody stupidly hot (standard Brit; I moan when it’s hot, I moan when it rains). He’s going to be pissed off. He probably doesn’t want me trying to force mushed up root vegetables down his neck! And it’s a proven fact that teething pain is worse at night, so the poor little mite isn’t going to be sleeping as well.

The point is, all of these things are no reflection on me as his Mum. I’m, quite frankly doing a fabulous job. I’m still breastfeeding after nearly 8 months which is amazing (albeit, mostly off good (left) boob as shit (right) boob appears to have given up), Josh is stupidly fat and healthy and he is a very happy little boy. I am cooking him food most days as well as throwing in the odd EK pouch when I just need a break, I make sure we are out at classes, play dates and going for walks every day, all whilst doing freelance PA work every day, blogging nearly every day, managing my social media so I am interacting with you all, writing for other websites, plus keeping the household ticking over so it doesn’t look like a combination of Sainsburys and New Look has thrown up in it. And do you know what, I do all of this with a big smile. I genuinely love it. Yes I have hard days, testing days, days when I just need someone to show up at my house with a hug and a bottle of champagne (my friend did this the other day – f**ing love her; I could have actually married her in that moment). But truth be told, I’m winning at motherhood. Bring on the coffee, concealer and sanity we Mums need to get through the tough days. Turns out I’m not doing a bad job at all. And the same goes for you. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever had those days, done that walk, felt that doubt in yourself, take a step back and remind yourself, you’re a FANTASTIC mother, woman and person. And if you need that reassurance, just be sure to catch the eye of a fellow mummy next time you’re in Tesco/Costa/emotional hell; us Mums are part of one big huge club, where we tend to reward one another with a knowing smile; it’s not just you! We’ve all been there.

Big love to you Mummies -lets kick some arse this week.  And yes, I will practise what I preach!



25 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Don’t forget, YOU ROCK

  1. Oh Fi, I just want to give you a hug! I love your Monday motivation and you’re so right – it’s tough not to compare ourselves and wonder why things seem to go so swimmingly for other mummies. This is such a fab post to read after a truly challenging night (the heat makes my girl turn into a baby I don’t even recognise haha) – you rock lovely and you’re doing a fab job xxx

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    1. So do you honey. It’s so hard when you are shattered, stressed and have a hideously screaming baby on your hands. I am sorry you had a hard night this heat is awful for them isn’t it. huge hug honey xxx

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  2. Bravo, well said, Fi! We’re all doing a fab job, even if we have a low day. Coffee, concealor, sanity! YAY, but make mine chocolate and a great big book to read! We tend to beat ourselves up too much about the one day and forget that we are smashing it the other days. #bigpinklink

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  3. Bloody well said and don’t EVER forget you’re amazing. You’re doing an incredible job, I can’t believe how much you are doing when you still have such a young baby – you are an inspiration my friend!!! Brilliant post and something that all Mum’s should read. #dreamteam

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  4. Well done – you ARE winning at motherhood! We all have those days where we just kind of want to give up (not that we can), but we get through them. And you know what? Those teeth come in. They start eating properly. They DO sleep eventually (says the mother whose child didn’t sleep properly until she was over a year old). It always gets better, and we’re doing awesome because we make it through to those better days. #DreamTeam


  5. It sounds like you’re doing a great job! I think it’s good to have goals (exclusive breastfeeding, homecooked meals, etc) but we don’t need to be ruled by them – sometimes we just need a simpler life. (And I write this knowing that I am such a hypocrite because I am such a perfectionist, I would beat myself up relentlessly if I didn’t stick to what I set out to do!). But I think finding a balance is the healthiest way. Keep going! #SharingTheBlogLove

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  6. Everyone has days, weeks and months like this, but sadly there is so much pressure on us to be perfect that a lot of mums don’t feel able to say the truth and what is really going on. We feel this need to make it all look picture perfect and that we are coping. You are definitely a fab mum and do an amazing job. Those few simple words can make such a difference and think everyone should hear them once in a while. Thank you for joining us for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

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  7. Sending you a huge slab of virtual cake and a mummy high five! Thank you for this. It has given me the virtual hug that I currently need (as we all do from time to time). It is so easy to see the perfect IG life of other families and compare ourselves, when actually, behind the scenes, I think we all find ourselves counting to ten and eating chocolate biscuits with our head in the fridge while the kids fight over raisins. Brilliantly written xx

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  8. Oh, teething is just the Worst! I totally know days like this – where you feel like nothing you do is right. I think coming back from a holiday always has a big come down too. I completely agree about trying to remove the perfect social media filter when we look at other people’s lives – we all have these days where we lose our shit – some of us just hide it better than others! You’re doing a fantastic job – everyone needs to hear these words now and again! Also, a friend who shows up with champagne is my kind of friend!! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  9. You juggle so much! Will sound like a silly question but what’s a freelance PA is that like a virtual assistant? Anyway, well done you *hugs*. I love your quote and needed to hear this one this week… few dramas meaning we won’t get to go away on a summer break – so feeling a bit rubbish. Thank you for linking up to the #dreamteam xx


  10. You are totally a supermum Fi! I cant believe, like seriously cant believe you manage to get so much done in a day! Seriously impressive. You should not be beating yourself up at all. You are doing an amazing job, and like you said, the little one is going through some of his own stuff right now (being a baby sometimes is actally hard I suppose) and just needs lots of cuddles and love. Love you for sharing this, its always nice to read that others have been through similar things 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment honey it’s just what I needed to read It is so hard some days when you’re so busy but it’s always worth it. Thanks so much for hosting #MarvMondays xx


  11. Sounds to me like you are doing an incredible job. We all have tough days, you are not alone. I love the quote at the end – it is perfect 🙂 xx #MarvMondays

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