Monday Morning Motivation

Morning Everyone,

And Happy Monday – I’m glad the week has started with the sun shining.

So this is my post for Beckys Candid Cuddles Linky something I look forward to taking part in every Monday. I am all for starting the week with positive vibes! So here is my quote for this week:


I am using this weeks post as an opportunity to say how much I absolutely love my best girl friends!

I’ve got some amazing friends. I have my three best girl friends from back home in Oxford. We dubbed ourselves the “awesome foursome” years ago and it’s stuck! I love those girls so much; Holly has been my best friend pretty much since the day she was born (I am a few years older than her) and I am so protective of her, I actually refer to her as my baby sister. Aimee is my absolute godsend; that girl is there for me at all times of day and night and was a rock to me during my pregnancy. And Cara, the mummy of our group, is just the kindest,strongest and most good hearted person you could wish to meet; I am so grateful to have these girls in my life.

Also back in Oxford are two more of my best friends who I couldn’t be without; my little Bex, friends since school, we spend the vast majority of our time laughing and being immature – I laugh so much when I’m with this ridiculously gorgeous girl. And also my brother, Kip (Chris, but I call him Kip), someone who obviously is my family but also my friend, by choice. I can talk to him about anything and he is my biggest supporter. I love him to bits!

we live so far apart

I am equally as lucky to have a group of amazing girlfriends up here in Norfolk who have stood by my side through thick and thin! We are a close knit group and there are a fair few of us so I won’t name everyone but a special shout out to my maid of honour Chrisey; this girl is a diamond. She keeps me level headed when I’m having a bat shit crazy moment, she keeps me grounded and calm and makes me see things in such a positive light. I am so glad we are friends and she is my fellow prosecco princess!! All the other girls in our group are amazing and have been there for me when I’ve had low moments in my life; they look out for me and support me regardless of how much of a pain I am being I am so grateful to them!

friends quotes

And I also have to say a very special mention to my new friends I’ve made in the last six months from my NCT class. I’ve become especially close with some of these girls and I love that even though we didn’t even know each other a few months ago, I now wouldn’t be without them. We talk most days and we’ve been there to support and help each other as we’ve gone through the most life changing journey we could experience! I love that our babies are growing up together and will be little buddies and I love that us girls can ask each other things that reassure one another; when you know someone else is experiencing the same challenges as you it’s oddly comforting and encourages you to get one another through that tough phase (remember, it’s always a phase 😉 )

So I am taking my Monday morning motivation as an opportunity to thank my friends. They are the best. They are the family you chose and I love each and every one of them to bits! And they know exactly who they are, even though I’ve not been able to name each and every one of them on here (didn’t want it to sound like an acceptance speech post)!!!

So value your friends ladies; they are the ones who are at the end of the phone when you need to complain cause the hubby is driving you mad, or who you have to ask an embarrassing question to when you daren’t ask anyone else, or who will turn up at your door with a bottle of wine and a bag of chocolate buttons just because they know you might need a hug and a chat.

Love to you all

Have a great Monday xx

friend rules

Cuddle Fairy

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Motivation

  1. This made me smile an made me close to tears, we had the most awesome 5 of us and unfortunately one passed away almost 7 years ago now, it is always great when us remaining 4 get together but always feels like one is missing. My beautiful Bec who always made me laugh more than anyone. I have also made awesome mummy friends who I cherish and couldn’t imagine life without. Friends are awesome, women are awesome!! I loved hearing about your friends and you are right we should cherish them xx


    1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend it’s heartbreaking. But I hope you and your friends comfort each other and remember her lots I’m sure you do. Sending you a massive cuddle xx


  2. Ahhh this is so lovely! I enjoyed every quote – especially the last one! You are a lucky lady to have so many amazing friends – all over the country. It says a lot about you – that you are a great friend 🙂 Thank you for sharing with #candidcuddles x

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