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Good Morning My Lovelies!

It’s Monday, it’s a bit grey and I felt that this morning we all needed a bit of a boost! So often us Mummies are tough on ourselves; we are plagued by mummy guilt on an almost daily basis, and we never give ourselves enough credit for the amazing job we are doing. We’ve carried and grown a human, gone through horrendous pain and discomfort to deliver that baby into the world and then been instantly plunged into the unknown complete with extreme sleep deprivation (also known as torture), horrendously painful nipples if breastfeeding, and the many disgusting and unspoken side effects that follow birth! As if we haven’t gone through enough.

I felt lots of guilt to at the beginning of mine and Josh’s journey; I felt guilty for not mastering breastfeeding quickly, I felt guilty for feeling the blues so badly and I felt guilty for those moments of resentment when I couldn’t just go and have a bath or a nap whenever I wanted.

It took a good few weeks for me to realise, I was doing a bloody good job! My son was (and still is) growing beautifully, and I was coping even if I couldn’t see it for myself. It took my husband telling me every day that I was doing amazingly before I’d even acknowledge what I was achieving.

And now I am feeling proud of how far we’ve come, 13 weeks into parenthood. Yes it’s hard, yes I am still tired, but above all I have a healthy and very happy little baby. And that is something to be bloody proud of. All you mummies out there – you are all amazing! You’ve gone through so much in the last 9 months with being pregnant, then being subjected to labour, which can also involve a major operation if you have a c section and then being thrust into this crazy world of Mummyhood. But you’re doing it; you’re looking after your baby, you love him or her more than anything and day by day you are gaining in strength and superhuman mummy powers that enable you to get through those tougher moments!

You, gorgeous mummy reading this, are amazing! You are doing fantastically! Stop judging yourself, ignore peoples opinions when they are negative; use your mummy instinct and keep doing what you’re doing. Cause I bet you’ve got a beautiful baby who thinks you are the best thing in the world – and no, not just because you’re a pair of boobs or have a bottle in your hand, but because you’re mummy. You’re the one who loves them most in the world, who keeps them safe and who has been there with them, side by side, since day one! So cut yourself some slack – you are amazing! Don’t forget it!

Love Fi xx

32 thoughts on “Monday Motivation Quotes

  1. I absolutely love this and needed it so much this morning. I read it whilst pretending to be a baby owl and simultaneously feeding the dog and trying to calm the 5month old with a pastry brush. Thank you! #bigpinklink

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  2. great quote! I definitely think as mothers we are hard on ourselves because we have so much more to do! :p so sometimes we need to remember that we rock and we are trying our best! :p #Candidcuddles


  3. Lovely post! I just had a post recently about being a guilty mum, I think we all have that feeling even if we’ve done our best for our kids. Yep, we all mums are amazing in our own ways and most importantly in the eyes of our little ones. #TheBabyFormula

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  4. Love it! Just love it! I’m in awe at all the positivity that comes through your posts, and also, the very raw honesty. The blues are hard, and the moments of resentment are the worst, and I still have moments of guilt about the resentment I felt for my first baby, even now… I think this should be given to all new mums when they leave hospital, to get out and have a little read of when things get a bit too much! Thank you so much for sharing with us at #bigpinklink!

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  5. Haha, love the bit about the baby loving us because we are Mummy not just the one with the boobs or bottle. Every time Piglet comes anywhere near my boobs my mother declares that they are all he cares about whenever he sees me. Cheers Mum! #thebabyformula

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  6. What a lovely post! Sounds like you’re doing a brilliant job as Mummy. Those early weeks and months can be so tough, especially with your first child when your whole world just changes overnight. It’s all so worth it though isn’t it! x #BloggerClubUK

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  7. Great post, and just the motivation we all need! It’s the mummy thing, of not giving ourselves credit, and the first few weeks are tough!
    Thanks for sharing #TheBabyFormula

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  8. What a great inspirational message! It’s true that we, mothers are hardest on ourselves! Sometimes we need a positive attitude, and positive people like you around us to remind us what is truly important on this mothering journey. My kids are much older and I still suffer from bouts of guilt. And then I read inspiring posts like yours and that brings a smile to my face as I remember what I should be focusing on. Thank you for being the message today! #abitofeverything


  9. This is beautiful advice for any mother, Fi! You are doing an amazing job. 13 weeks is early days even though it feels like hard work, the time just flies by when you look back over the first few years. It’s funny how hard us moms are on ourselves & we really shouldn’t be! Thanks so much for sharing with candid cuddles x

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  10. How I love this…it’s been a while since I’ve had a newborn but I remember it all so clearly. Doubt, fear, exhaustion and even depression and anxiety. To be honest, I still deal with these things but the beginning of the journey is the hardest part and so much joy, pride, laughter and love to come! #KCACOLS

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  11. I am very lucky that I have loved every step of the way. The only thing I have felt anxious about is being back in work. I know who I am at home. My advice to any new Mum (not that I ever give any, nor am I am expert) is that if you put no expectations on your self and just realise that not everything is in your control then it will be a far easier journey. Enjoy, each day is precious #KCACOLS

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  12. I love this quote and yes you are right we should remembering this every day!!! Life is not easy, being a parent is hard so we tend to forget sometimes about ourselves so this definitely help me to remember that!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x


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