Slow Down Mama!

Hi Everyone,

What an absolutely glorious day in the sun it has been! It has been exactly what I’ve needed today to be honest.


I’ve been a bit of a stressed little pickle the last few days. It’s suddenly dawned on me that I literally haven’t stopped in the last few days…weeks….months. My days are manic. I can imagine many many Mums are reading this and nodding along in agreement. For example I am up everyday at 6am with Josh, I blog for a couple of hours whilst he dozes and plays, I then feed Josh (food as well as boob now), then get showered, put washing on, sort hubbys lunch (and breakfast whilst he’s on shift patterns), whilst attempting to get Josh to snooze. Then we usually go out to a class, or to a friends, plus we usually have to do a trip to the shops cause I spend the vast majority of my life drinking tea and therefore am constantly running out of milk. We get home and I make sure I spend time playing with Josh whilst also sorting the washing, preparing everything for his bath and bedtime, putting the washing away, unloading the dishwasher, tidying the kitchen, planning dinner, before then bathing Josh, massage, story, feed bed and then cooking my dinner. By the time I’ve done all this it’s this time, 7.30pm, and I often blog more, but more often than not I am shattered and want to curl up and watch Eastenders. I go to bed at 10 at the latest and up to do feeds around midnight and 5am.

And I do all this whilst feeding, changing nappies, cleaning puke along with doing my best to make sure I don’t look like crap, running a household that is organised and as clean and tidy as possible, keeping my husband smiling, ensuring there is “us” time (and yes that is for me just as much for him – women have needs too), fitting in a run when I can, making sure I am up to date with friends and family and what is going on with their lives (this is a non negotiable to me – my family and friends are everything to me) planning, drafting and scheduling blogs, as well as making sure I respond to texts, emails  and replying to every single blog comment, tweet, Facebook and Instagram comment.

Having read all that back it is exhausting. And the last few days I’ve been beating myself up. I’ve been taking Josh to classes and to see friends and to swimming, but also trying to fit in my blogging. Plus I’ve also stated weaning Josh which is way more time consuming than I realised and yet another thing making my mind do over time (am I feeding him the right stuff, do I do baby led, why does he look repulsed by everything apart from my tit!). And  I think with so much going on, my little head is spinning. That’s what has made me realise

Slow Down Mama!!!! 

slow down

Something dawned on me today. I was giving some advice to a friend; she needed some reassurance which I was more than happy to give her because she is a great mum and needs to give herself a break. And then it dawned on me; practise what you preach Fi! I often use my blog to remind you gorgeous mummies that you’re amazing; that you’re doing a great job, that you have to give yourself a break, that life is all about balance. Yet I’ve not been doing that myself. I’ve not been following my own advice. And that is really stupid of me. I talk so much about how much pressure we put on ourselves as women, mothers, wives, friends, and yet here I am putting a shit load of unnecessary pressure on myself.

I am in a hugely fortunate position to be off work with Josh and my blogging becoming, dare I say it, successful! I never ever want my blog to become something I stress over as it really is my outlet; I love it. And I also don’t want to rush my days with Josh because 5 months has already flown by and I don’t want a single moment to pass me by because I was hell bent on getting the washing put away at that very moment just because in my head I have to have the perfectly tidy home. How ridiculous of me. Sometimes things happen and you see situations that really put things in perspective. I’ve worried about some really irrelevant stuff this last week, and I’ve allowed it to wind me up and ultimately, stress me out.


It’s made me think “come on Fi, give yourself a break”. I know I’m doing a good job as a Mum; Josh is such a happy and contended baby who now weighs a whopping 18lbs! I’m doing a good job as a wife; Sam is always telling me he loves me and saying how grateful he is for anything I do such as cooking or tidying the house. I know I am doing a good job as a friend; my friends tell me I am kind and that they are grateful when I am there for them, which is something that is so important to me. And I’m obviously not doing too bad a job with my blog as my followers are growing, and I’ve made it to the finals of the 2016 MAD Blog Awards.

So from now on I plan to find balance. All the million things I’m doing are things I love, and am passionate about. They aren’t things I should be stressing about. So if my house isn’t pristine, or I don’t get a blog post out every single day, it’s not the end of the world or worth stressing over because ultimately, I will get a blog post out there that’s of good quality and not rushed, and I will clean the house when I have a spare hour and feel inspired to do it and am not resentful of doing it.  There is time for everything, and life isn’t meant to be rushed through. It’s there to be enjoyed and savoured. And I plan on taking my own advice and doing exactly that!

don't rush

*Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this post I’d be super grateful if you’d vote for me in the 2016 MAD Blog Awards in which I am a finalist in the category of Best Baby Blog. If you’d like to vote you can do so here. xxx *


24 thoughts on “Slow Down Mama!

  1. Great post! I’m glad that through helping someone else you’ve realised that you too need to take a step back and look after yourself, whethether that be blogging less, tidying your home less, or spending more time with your son! As you said, life is for living! Xxx


  2. I read this last night before nodding off and it was the perfect thing to read after a very tiring day. So true, sometimes it takes that realisation that we’re doing a lot and need to slow down a little bit and enjoy it. Such a lovely, uplifting post xxx #thebabyformula

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  3. This is so true… SLOW DOWN Mama! A timely reminder indeed for myself that you sometimes have to take time to enjoy what you have!

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    1. Sometimes we really have to slow down a bit. Things get on top of you and you don’t want to be a stressed Mum otherwise your little one picks up on it. I’m glad I gave myself this talking to and that it’s given others a chance to do the same thing xx


  4. I think so many mums can relate to this. One thing I notice is that when I get stressed and to do too much I become really grumpy and so it’s to everyone’s benefit that I slow down, and have a rest. I decided that today will be my slow day, and I will spend the day doing absolultely nothing, except a walk to get some fresh air! #fortheloveofBLOG

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  5. well said – sometimes e let life take over – take time to stop and smell the flowers – literally – it is the best feeling ever – best therapy – coffee with a friend – a dance around your kitchen – anything that takes a a break from the routine #KCACOL

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  6. What a good post. I feel the same and some of your article made me wince a bit as I know that I can be neglectful to myself (and my poor husband). Good advice we could all adhere to x #KCACOLS

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  7. Ugh. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the small stuff. I do it regularly – I’ll e thinking about something or other and wishing Eden would go to sleep so I can do it, then I have to remind myself that I don’t want to have spent the whole of her first few months waiting for her to go to sleep. Sometimes it’s about forgetting what you wanted to do and just cuddling with that little human 🙂 #KCACOLS

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    1. I know – sometimes I have so much going on in my head but you have to stop and just appreciate the simple moments at times, and the best moments are cuddles with the little one 🙂 xx


  8. We are all so crazy busy, aren’t we. Mum, wife/partner, friend, employee, volunteer, housewife! I think we are all amazing! But, as you point out it is important to try and find a moment in the day that you can just sit down, relax and ‘smell the roses.’ #KCACOLS

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  9. Congratulations on the nomination! Good luck, we feel your stress about the blog/life balance, my mummy works full time and finds it a struggle sometimes. However, we’d rather be busy than twiddling our thumbs 😉 #KCACOLS

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  10. Yes, you need to take a break too! You do so much, and when you do write it down it’s scary, and is more than a ‘job’. I’ve had a few slow days, well pretty much a week now and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve eased off the blogging pressure and think it’s helped and had a bit of a break visiting friends and family. Thanks for linking up, and hope you have a bit of a break… #thebabyformula


  11. I could have literally written this post myself, there are so many parallels with our lives, except for MADs nomination – well done you! It is so hard, I feel like I’m doing everything – looking after a 9 month old (who is now crawling), tidying the house, doing the washing, cooking all meals etc…the list goes on and on. As well as keeping on top of my blog, which has got so much busier now that I have a Linky. I’m beginning to wonder how I am going to add a full-time job into the mix in a couple of months time – somehow it will work. But you’re right, you do need to give yourself a break, it’s too much to keep going with no stopping, and I need to give myself a break too. Thank you so much for joining our party at #fortheloveofBLOG, hope you can join us next week. Claire x

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  12. I think we can all relate to this. Us mums often put ourselves last and sometimes you just need some time out for yourself. I hope you manage to find a balance – I am always trying to find it too!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday


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