A Sweet Treat from Baker Days

Hi Everyone,

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Last week I was thrilled to be contacted by Baker Days, an online bakery who personalise gorgeous yummy cakes. Always a winner. So I was delighted to be asked if I’d like to sample one of their Letterbox Cakes; like any sane woman I jumped at the chance to have cake delivered directly to my door.  The Letterbox cakes are clever little cakes, perfectly formed and they are the baby sized cake of Baker Days. It’s a thoughtful gift that will mean so much to a loved one. The lovely thing about this cake, as it’s name suggests, can arrive through the post, just like a Birthday card.

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The whole process of ordering one of these is so simple; the website is fantastically laid out and easy to use. You simply select your options; cake size, occasion, flavour and then you are able to pick a design which can then be personalised it which is brilliant! You can do this with a special message and even a photo which makes it such a lovely gift to whomever you’re buying the cake for.

The letterbox cake is an adorable size, just 5 inches, so it is perfectly formed to be sent in the post without any damage at all! It serves 3-4 slices so is ideal for two people.

As my hubby is about to embark on an eight week overtime stint with his work, I decided to have a cake made for him from Josh as he sadly isn’t going to get to see too much of him:


I was so impressed with the presentation of the cake, it comes in a really cute tin and even included candles, balloons and a party favour!  The delivery was also extremely fast and I received it within a day of ordering.

FullSizeRender (84).jpg

Now of course the taste is everything and this didn’t disappoint! The cake was a victoria sponge, a classic favourite, and it was scrummy! It was really moist and not too heavy and the icing was lush. It reminded me of proper birthday cake you had as a child.


It was a lovely gift for Sam; he was so impressed at how you could get your very own personalised cake and I think it really cheered him up as I knew he was somewhat dreading this overtime work as he wouldn’t see as much of Josh.


So a huge thank you to Baker Days for such a lovely cake and for helping me put a smile on the hubbys face. I will definitely be ordering more of these they are such a lovely gift.

As I’ve said, you can order the cakes from £14.99 via the Baker Days website or give them a call on 01623 867 160. And have a nose at thee Baker Days Twitter page and give them a like on Facebook

Go on treat someone special… or yourself!

Let them eat cake!

Disclaimer: **Please note, all words and opinions are my own**

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