Sassy Monday Motivation

Morning Loves!

It’s Monday, it’s raining and we are nearing the end of Summer… it would be easy to find today a bit of a struggle. Never fear I’m here with my Monday motivation to boost you all! I saw this quote and fell in love with it; it sums my feelings on today up perfectly:

sassy Monday

I have started to be really meticulous about my Sunday evenings. I make sure the house it clean and tidy, the washing is put away, the dishwasher is unloaded and there is milk in the fridge. Because I feel like if I can start Monday stress free, without tedious house hold jobs sat staring me in the face and an organised household, I can face the week, challenges and all, head on! It makes me feel positive on a Monday morning rather than having to wake up to a million jobs to do!

I know Mondays can suck when you’re off to work. I used to try and see them as a positive; I’d see my work buddies after a weekend, catch up with everyone’s news and usually Mondays are pretty busy so they go fast. As you can see I am quite the optimist so I always tried to look positively at these things. It’s often easier said than done but give it a try and it might put a refreshingly new spin on your day!

monday motivation

As with every day, do everything you want today with love. Life is very short and you want to make the most of every day, Monday or any other day. So don’t be negative about that Monday morning feeling. Turn it on it’s head, get your sassy pants on and own it!

Have a great week. Be kind, don’t take any crap and buy yourself some flowers!!

Lots of Love x

you go.jpg

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