Happy Days – Home Sweet Home

Hello Everyone!!!!

We’re back! It’s been such a lovely long break, but it feels like it has been so long since I blogged and I am feeling so ready to get back to it.

home seweet home

Of course I’ve got lots to say and blog about… come on, it’s been two weeks!! But I thought I’d start with a happy post, as part of Sian and Katys fabulous Happy Days Linky. And seeing as we are home I thought I’d do it on the joys of getting home from even the most lovely of holidays.

There really is no place like home and for many reasons…..

A long hot bath 

bubble bath

So from Cornwall back to our house, which is 6 miles from the most easterly point in the UK, it was a chuffing long journey!! And after being all hot, bothered and uncomfortable for over 8 hours, plus with a whinging teething baby thrown into the loop, all I wanted was a long hot bath. There is nothing like a lovely long hot bath in my opinion; it was heavenly to get home to!!

Your own bed!

cosy bed

I’ve been on some amazing holidays and been lucky enough to stay in some very luxurious hotels which have uber comfortable beds. But there is honestly nothing like getting home to your own bed! It’s always so comfortable, cosy and lovingly familiar. A little tip of mine is to wash your sheets before you go away so when you come home not only do you come home to your own bed, but to fresh sheets. Heaven after a long journey!

A Good Old Cup of Tea 


Even when you’ve holidayed in England, and not abroad (when this is even more abundent) there is nothing quite like getting home and having  cup of tea made exactly the way you like it!! I demolished several cream teas in Cornwall, all of which were amazing, but nothing can quite top that first cup of tea when you get home after a long journey!

Seeing the Pets!


OK, I admit, I am a bit of a loser. I love my pets; we have two cats and a marine fish tank. The fish are Sam’s and the cats are mine. And I do look forward to seeing them once I get home!

Catching up with Friends 


I am already so excited to see the girls and Josh’s little buddies now we are home. I missed our girly catch ups over cake and coffee (which has usually gone cold)! But I know it will be lovely to catch up on all the gossip and see the surprising amount the little ones have grown in a couple of weeks!

And on top of that I am genuinely excited to get back to blogging. It’s amazing how a couple of weeks off can clear your head, get fresh ideas flowing and reignite that blogging addiction! So look out for lots of new posts this week. Here’s to a happy one! ❤ xxx

What Katy Said


8 thoughts on “Happy Days – Home Sweet Home

  1. I hope you had a lovely time. I know exactly what you mean it’s lovely to go away but it is pretty amazing to come home too. I always put fresh sheets on the bed too before we go, its the best. x #HappyDays

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  2. Brilliant that you had a good break. That is a loooong car journey! Coming home is alway good I totally agree. Have fun blogging #happydays

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  3. I could have written this! I love my bed, my cup of tea and seeing my pets when I come home too, except I have 3 cats, yes I know I am that crazy lady lol, plus a dog and 4 bunnies. All for the kids of course, OK for me too. #happydayslinky Lovely photos by the way, your home looks gorgeous

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