The Joys of Sensory Baby Class

sensory lights 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a lovely week. Josh and I have had a very busy week but the highlight has been our new sensory baby group.

The course we’ve booked on to is run by the lovely Lianne and Ingrid at Twinkle Toes Soft Play Cafe in Norwich. Having attended other sensory baby sessions, some good, some bad, I was keen to see what was on offer because the sessions we’ve been on that have been good, Josh has really enjoyed. And I am pleased to say this was certainly the most I’ve seen him enjoy any of such classes.

The session started with some singing, all of which were easy enough to pick up thank goodness as I am a bit useless with baby songs and am still attempting to learn them all! Poor Josh is normally reduced to hearing me sing a bit of One Direction or some other equally cheesy pop!! Along with the songs was some fun signing and bouncing which Josh thoroughly enjoyed, especially being lifted high up in the air. We even got to do the hockey cokey which was as much as a work out for us mums than it was for the babies!

We also got to enjoy some prop fun including use of a musical instruments which we moved about for the babies to follow with their eyes – it was brilliant seeing their co-ordination kicking in. Josh is only 12 weeks but he follows these things with his eyes and seems to really enjoy it. We also got to use pompoms, which the inner cheerleader in me loved, and Josh loved the swooshing noise and me tickling his little face with them!

light tube

Next up was Joshs, and most other babies favourite part of the session; bubbles and lights! Josh is absolutely obsessed with lights and sat fascinated watching the disco lights and tube lights. It was adorable seeing all the babies staring at them in such awe.

Sensory lights

The session finished with a couple of lovely goodbye songs and the opportunity for us mums to have a chat over a drink and some biscuits. It was a really well balanced session. The thing that struck me the most about class was how relaxed and friendly it was. It was clear to see from how the class was led that Lianne and Ingrid genuinely have a passion for working with babies and children and providing enjoyable and relaxed sessions. It was really interesting to hear how Ingrid, the owner of Twinkle Toes Soft Play has built the company up from scratch and now has a fantastic following and client base. As well as these Baby and Me sessions, Twinkle Toes also runs several other classes including lots of Meet and Greet groups for Mums, a baby cafe, Bump to Bump sessions for expectant Mums, and craft sessions. I really enjoyed speaking to Ingrid about how she’s built the business up and it is clear to see she has done this for the passion of working with Mums, Babies and Children, helping them to connect and develop the little ones senses. Personally this encouraged me to get involved with the course even more. I can’t wait to attend each week and watch Josh enjoy and learn from these fantastic sessions.

twinkle toes

I can’t recommend this class enough. Please check out the Twinkle Toes Facebook page for more info on this brilliant baby group

Thanks for reading

Fi x

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2 thoughts on “The Joys of Sensory Baby Class

  1. I used to love baby sensory classes. until my little boy started crawling – and then he was off. I found it was just me sat there singing the songs and getting involved with the sensory stuff. he was more interested in other stuff in the room!

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