Monday Must Haves


Hi Everyone

Each Monday I am going to start the week with some fun tips, ideas and thoughts to make that Monday morning feeling seem a little easier and get your week off to a positive start.  Enjoy xx

Must have drink to warm up those chilly mornings 

Hazelnut Latte

With the mornings getting chillier and the coffee shops already welcoming the festive period, there is no better excuse to warm up your morning commute with a delicious hot treat!  Already I’ve seen pumpkin spiced lattes, vanilla chai tea and mint hot chocolates but my favourite would be a hazelnut latte.

Must have positive start to the week; Sunday Walks

Morning walk

I love a nice walk after a Sunday roast dinner; the fresh air can really clear your head before the chaos of the working week resumes

Must Have Fashion; Hats are a strong look for Autumn 


I am in love with the floppy hat look that is so on trend at the moment.

Must Have Sweet Treat; Pumpkin pie bites 

Pumpkin cakes

Pumpkin is ripe at this time of the year and tastes surprisingly delicious!  Try baking some pumpkin pie bites and don’t feel so guilty about eating cake!

Must Have Flowers; Sunflowers


I love sunflowers all year round but the colours do seem extra vibrant at this time of year.  So treat yourself to some flowers; you deserve it!  It’s Monday!

Have a good week


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